About Me

My name is Adam Emory. I'm a Website Developer & Graphic Designer by profession and passion.

I was born and raised in East Texas. I received my degree in Advertising Graphic Design Technology, with a Certification for Web Design, from Kilgore College. I spend most of my waking hours designing websites for local businesses. I'm fluent in advanced HTML/CSS coding, Content Management Systems, & Adobe software. I'm currently increasing my knowledge in various programming languages such as, but not limited to; Javascript, jQuery, & PHP as well as UI design.

I spend roughly 10 hours a day on the computer working on my webdev projects but in my (very limited) spare time, I enjoy working on T-Shirt designs & random craft projects. I'm currently in the transition of finding/creating a new storefront for my apparel products but for now, you can view and purchase some of my designs directly from RedBubble. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.